Expressions in schools

Expressions Society in schools is a fun, interactive, and highly engaging workshop module to teach children public speaking and equip them with communication skills which is key for a successful life.


Each school session is an opportunity to speak for the students. Through 20 different activity led projects and assignments, students will learn more than 20 different practical attributes covering not only the different elements of public speaking but the finer nuances of language. The primary focus areas of the session would be preparation, confidence, consistent energy, voice loudness, clarity, body language, voice modulation, brevity and the process of giving and receiving feedback. The secondary focus areas include content, comprehension, fluency, intonation, vocabulary and pronunciation. Every session would inspire students to express themselves better.

Each session provides every single student an opportunity to speak and perform, thus ensuring individual attention and progress. The final session calls for a Graduation with parents invited to witness the transformation their child has undergone.



Inspire every student to be unique

Help students achieve excellence through practice

Enhance discipline and self-confidence

Be part of a community of Expressions Achievers

Achieve international standards with extra-curricular activities

Skill Certificate

After the successful completion of all the 20 sessions, students will earn a skill certificate making them better prepared to participate and represent their schools on public platforms. As they progress, students can graduate to next levels of Expressions in years to follow.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
― Benjamin Franklin