Expressions in colleges

Expressions Society in colleges is a holistic Leadership Communication workshop that focuses on real-world skills and presentation skills like articulating ideas effectively, drive decision-making, teamwork, and action.


The students are screened on 4 levels i.e. Psychometry followed by Public Speaking and Group Discussion culminating in F2F Interview with Expressions Society Core Team. The stringent screening process not only ensures a quality batch of student coaches but helps furnish experience to their candidature and be better prepared for their placement interviews.



The shortlisted students are put through a 2 day coach training Programme. The 2 day expressions workshop is designed to provide an experiential learning experience to groom the students to expert trained coaches.  As the Expressions Society model relies heavily on role model examples set by College Coaches, the workshop ensures that coaches are confident and able to take the responsibility.
Through carefully crafted simulations, our future coaches are trained in replicated field conditions to equip them with necessary skills required to deal with real life situations. The module covers real world skills in the three crucial domains i.e. cognitive, social and emotional enabling coaches to make a smooth transition to field.

Coach Internship

The coaches will be provided a hands-on internship oppurtunity to work in schools; conduct 20 sessions of 1hr duration per week for school students over a period of 20 weeks. Each session will be facilitated by 2 coaches for a batch of 30 students. The coaches will prepare and share feedback reports for each session.

The 40 hr Expressions Society Internship comprises of 20 hrs of fieldwork (Expressions Society Session in School) and 20 hrs of learning Programmes (booster sessions) making it an equal blend of theoretical knowledge and its practical application.



Booster/Mentoring Sessions

Booster Sessions are the learning Programmes that are conducted every fortnight from the time coaches’ start conducting school sessions. These session taken by industry experts in the field of communication and expressions e.g. Radio Jockeys, Public Speakers, Soft Skills Trainers, Theatre Artists aim to mentor Expressions coaches on various aspects of communication. Every session would focus on a  specialized skill to make the students more aware about channelizing the different forms of expressions into a successful career. Coaches are encouraged to share their best practices and challenges from their school sessions to help them plan their next sessions. These sessions would help coaches get a continuous feedback to improve their public speaking, communication, real world and facilitation skills.


Be a change-maker in Education & Learning

Holistic development of real-world skills for work & Life

Hands-on Internship

Boost career prospects & employability

Excellence through practice & discipline

Join cohort of change-makers


Internship Evaluation and Completion

Coaches will be evaluated based on their performance, completion and submission of session reports and feedback from LXL Ambassador, schools and peers. Attendance is mandatory in all the sessions; if a coach is absent in more than two sessions, he/she will be considered a drop-out from the Programme, to foster discipline. After the successful completion of all the coaching and mentoring sessions, coaches will receive an internship certificate boosting their employability options.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
― Benjamin Franklin